Finger Guard ™

Avoid domestic hazards with this protective finger guard.
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Air Blade

Discover the latest innovation that will revolutionize your way of cooking!
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Shar-X™ is so amazing it can make any blade cut again like new. You’ll be impressed by its effectiveness. Incredible but real!
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This tungsten carbide sharpener will make your knives, scissors and cutting tools reusable. Easy to use thanks to its super suction grip that attaches to any flat surface.
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This mini electric shaver is a perfect combination of effectiveness and comfort. Because of its small size, it’s lightweight and easy to use. It’s great for travels, as it takes up very little space and operates on batteries
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Silky smoothness on the go!
Get rid of unwanted hair quickly and painlessly, thanks to the Shar-X Lady electric shaver.
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This shaving razor sharpener has been specifically designed to sharpen disposable razors making them last up to 4 times longer.
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